Twitter is a social media with a huge global coverage and it is used by many people. Even Trump uses Twitter to govern the country. We often use Twitter to search for information, today I going to recommend 28 ways to improve the accuracy of search using Twitter search commands.

  • New Crown Pneumonia in America

Search results containing both ‘USA’ and ‘New Crown’

  • “The Trump Virus”

Precise search for tweets containing the phrase ‘Trump virus’

  • Trump OR virus

Search results that contain one or both of these words

  • Donald Trump – Viral

Search results containing “Trump” but not “viral”

  • #virus

These are my all the time best tweaks for jailbreak users. Watch below video✌️

Today I’m going to share 130 top Artificial Intelligence resources for all Machines learning and deep learning lovers.

1, 22 experts predict how artificial intelligence will affect the corporate workplace

2 or 3 machine learning algorithms you need to know

3, artificial intelligence will change almost everything in 4 ways

4, artificial intelligence to get started with 5 free courses

5, how artificial intelligence (AI) can change social media in 5 ways

6. AI-enabled tools — - all entrepreneurs need to run their own businesses

What is background check

Background check is a process that can be used to verify whether a person accurately describes themselves. People can use these background search platforms to learn about work history, education, current addresses, phone numbers, and even criminal records.

Today I am going to recommend a free background check tool: cocofinder

Official site:

Top 4 services for background check:

  • CocoFinder — a reliable platform for good results
  • TruthFinder — user-friendly interface
  • Instant Checkmate — Organize information through a public platform
  • Intelius — Provides results from a variety of sources.

Due to a lack of knowledge of China’s legal system and online information platforms, many European companies don’t know where to start their investigations when it comes to Chinese individuals and companies. Here I want to share some useful websites for your investigations on China. They are accessible for almost everyone and most of the information there is also free of charge.

1.National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System (国家企业信用信息公示系统)

This governmental website belongs to one of my favorite websites. If the company you’re investigating is legally registered in China, you should be able to find it here. You can find some basic information on this company…

In this article I’ll share my personal experience of teaching English in a primary school in China. In other words I’ll share my method of teaching which is easy to follow and interesting for learners. So let’s begin.

“T” = Teacher and “S” = Student

Starting a class

It’s really simple to start a class.

T: Hello everyone, My Name is (your name), Say hello (your name).

S: hello (your Name).

T: Tell me How are you Today? Are you happy (make a happy Face) or Sad (make a sad face).

It’s a good idea to have ppt with a happy and sad…

This post is specially for those who are tired of online meetings/Classes, In this article I will share some Insider tricks to stay on top when attending an online meeting,exam or Defense. So let’s being the journey.

Zoom and Voov Meeting (by Tencent) are two most popular online meeting applications these days.

This article is for LaTeX newbies. Who wants to work in LaTeX, but afraid of it’s complex commands.

So let’s start

Online LaTeX Editor

Use online LaTeX editor Overleaf {No installations, No configuration} sing up and you are good to go.


Use this if your documents doesn’t contain, Chinese, Japanese,Korean or Arabic.

Hand Written symbols recognition

Just go to below link and draw the the symbol that you are looking for. And it will give you corresponding LaTeX code for it.


Use “Mathpix” to Extract equations from PDFs or handwritten notes in seconds just by taking a screenshot.

Paste the resulting LaTeX code into any Markdown or…

Netflix is blocked in China. Mostly people use paid VPN services to access it. But in this post i will share some Some free unlimited VPN services that could be used to watch Netflix without paying a single penny.

Free Options

Star VPN

Star VPN is free VPN service, i am using it on MacBook to watch Netflix. It’s also available for iPhone/iPad and for windows.

BetterNet VPN

You can also use betternet to watch Netflix in china. Betternet is free and speedy. Also available for Mac/PC and for mobiles.

Paid Options

Astrill VPN

Astrill is a paid VPN service which is widely used in china, and it is available…

If you are Researcher ,Geek or someone who wants stay in touch with latest research Advancement. this article is for you. in this article you will learn some new techniques to find research articles.

Research Papers

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is the most favourite place for many scholars to find search paper.

Microsoft Academic

it’s an academic search engine like Google scholar. and widely used to find articles.

It is an open archive for academic articles in various fields such as Physics, Computer Science, Biology, Finance, Mathematics etc. You can use this free distribution service to download articles.

University Internet

if you are a University Student…


I don’t Believe in Hard work, I Believe in Jugaarzz.

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