How to Configure Brave Browser to Access all Blocked Sites in your Country for Free

If you are living in country where your Government doesn’t allow you to visit some specific sites, such countries like China, Korea,India etc. where people are restricted not to browse those specific sites.

In this Article, you will learn How you can configure Brave Browser to access all blocked sites for How to Access Facebook, YouTube and other Blocked sites in China

What is Brave Browser

Brave is an open-source privacy focused browser which is based on Chromium web Browser. It is famous for Blocking Ads and web tracking. It is faster up to 8X time than Chrome and Safari. You can use all the Chrome Extensions on Brave Browser and it’s widely available for Windows , MacOs and Linux.

Configuring Brave Browser to Access all the Blocked sites

1: Brave Browser
Epic Proxy
CRX file Extractor

Step # 1

Download and Install Brave Browser.

Step # 2

Download Epic Proxy CRX file.

Step # 3

In any Browser, open Online CRX Extractor and Upload the file that we have downloaded in Step # 2, wait for while, and Download the zip file.

Step # 4

Extract the zip file, open Brave Browser and then Click three bars in top right corner. Select “More Tools” and then Click next on “Extensions”.
Turn-on the “Developer Mode” from Extensions page so that you can find this on the top Right corner, as shown in below picture.

Step # 5

Now Unzip the Downloaded file (the one we have downloaded from CRX Extractor site) and copy it to Brave Browser folder.

MacOS: /Users/[You]/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/

Windows: AppData/Local/ OR AppData/Roaming/

Linux: /.config/BraveSoftware/

Go to brave browser extension page, click “Load Unpacked”, select the folder that we have just unzipped and copied to Brave Browser folder. When it’s done you will see a new extension.

Now, you can surf the internet without any restriction applied by your country.

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