WeChat Forensic: An Ultimate Guide to bust a Cheater

WeChat Forecsic Guide

WeChat is an app developed by Tencent mainly encompassing messaging, social communications and mobile payments. It has over a billion active users. Hereby, we will discuss some tips & tricks to see anyone’s WeChat you could have doubt about cheating. Hold your breaths and there you go!


First thing you need to see is total number of contacts. Check his contacts’ strength, let’s say, total 500 contacts. Keep in mind this digit to inspect later.


There comes the nibbling perk, go to “Tags” of her/his Wechat account, see all tag types. Your brain should see red flag waving if you see a tag “wxhide”. Contacts under wxhide tag are not visible normally.

Protip: Don’t forget to check your tag as well,

Chat Search

Next go to “Chat Search” for few these keywords:

Love, hate, miss , baby, sweetheart , alone, lonely , come , arrived , busy, dinner, drink, night, photo ,picture , call , plan, sad, happy, gift, cook, money, etc.
Be creative and use your experience to add more keywords. Using the native language of the suspect is suggested.

If you are a lucky-ass you would find everything unless deleted by the so-called suspect.

Friend Request

Most of the people do delete prints when they add a new person or pending requests. By going to “New Friends,“you can easily see whoever has been added recently or whose request is still on the list. There you can also see “Mobile Contacts“ click and open to see who is in waiting list to be added later or your competitor.

Blocked Contacts

Everyone has a dark past, wanna see it? then go to “Blocked Contacts” to see the past emperors/queens of your recent state.

Show hide Moments

I am sure you would curious to his/her recent likings and followings, yes you can do this. Just go to Settings >Privacy >Hide my moments/hide their moments. This will be hint that whom she/he wanna keep in secret cave while dating you. Common sense will broaden your clues here.


All people sometime unintentionally or needly mark their steps; either of photos, locations, chats or files. This is done on Wechat via Favourites option, works same as that of Whatsapp starred messages. Being critical in spying it would benefit you a hell more than you think. Various search options are there, but I suggest digging throughout. You might find something useful about earlier traces he/she was going on.

WeChat Nearby People

S/he might get bored while you are busy, “People Nearby” adds spice to those gloomy times. Although business is another use of this function people usually go there for dating or one night stand. Just open “People Nearby” and go to “Greetings” to find out how many spices have been tried recently or in the shelf for next dish.

WeChat Shake

A lot more like “People Nearby” this function distributes love beyond distances. It is also used for dating or knowing someone new around. Open “Shake” and then “Greetings” to know if some appetizers were there before main course.

WeChat Top Stories

Tired of fake Europeans/Americans or Asian born Westerners? Well, don’t worry I got your back. The easiest way to find someone’s nationality is to go through the Top Stories. Because most of the people like to read and comment on articles related to/issued by their home country.

WeChat Transactions History

Almost 90% of WeChat users do not bother to delete their WeChat Transactions. Searching there you might find to who is served and when. A plus go is to check “Relative Cards”, this will help you to know who is also financing/enjoying the funds you provide.

WeChat Run

Follow this option to check for your contesting “runners”. Generally, everyone likes and follows the Run records of beloved ones. Don’t forget to check “always on top” list as well.

WeChat Moments Search

This search option provides Articles, Moments, Official Accounts, Mini Programs,Music, and Sticker selection. A great lead might be on the way if you go through this search. Keywords mentioned above would be useful tip. E.g., typing “love” will show everything related to love liked, posted or commented by your love. Publisher option confines the search results of particular person.

Bonus Tip

For if he/she is iPhone user, go to app store and search for famous dating apps, already downloaded one will show a cloud sign there. If the app shows the “open” sign, congrats you are successful and don’t forget to give a thumbs to the author.

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